Participants of Quietly Powerful programs succeed because of their quieter innate qualities. Some have successfully moved to jobs they wanted or have been promoted, others have been given feedback on how much more confidently they are leading or contributing to their teams.

Here are some of the comments received from past participants:

We’ve been able to pick apart some deep-rooted thinking, and it really surprises me what a huge influence this has had on a day-to-day basis. The reflections and role-plays really challenged me to think about how I can respond differently. Coaching can sound a little bit daunting at first but it helps you to explore aspects of yourself that you’ve been ignoring or weren’t aware of. That can only help you to become a better person, both professionally and personally.


Senior Technology Services Leader

From this program I saw possibility – what I thought was impossible is possible, even for a quieter person.


Senior Finance Manager

The powerful coaching process with Megumi allowed me to bring objectivity to not only how I may be perceived but also how I may perceive others. It assisted me to start accepting the things I cannot change and the courage of my conviction to change from a long established role to another one whereby I believe not only myself but the organisation I work for can greatly benefit.


Company Secretary

I learned a lot about myself, stronger and more capable than I might have thought before.

Hil Mei

Senior Project Manager

I have had a change in my mindset from being a support person to being a leader. I told my manager about wanting to advance my career, he said, ‘why didn’t you ask earlier?’ And I have been promoted since.


Global Partnerships Advisor

I found clarity, renewed energy around my strengths, my passions, my values and mission. It has encouraged me to bring all of me to work.


Senior Music Therapist

My confidence has really grown. I am much more willing to give things a go, voice my views and ask questions.


Director at a Professional Services Firm

I’ve learned to value my strengths and display more self-confidence. I have greater insight into my natural traits and how I can turn what others may perceive as weaknesses into differentiators.


IT Manager

The program has made a significant difference to me. I learned how to use my quiet strengths at work. I feel more comfortable and confident in unfamiliar environments. I learned how to practice and manage my inner voice and remain calm. I can’t speak highly enough of this course!!  


Business Analyst

The programs are specifically designed for aspiring and already successful leaders who have a quieter nature. They may:

  • Be naturally quieter and feel they are held back or overlooked, 
  • Feel exhausted having pretended to have a ‘louder persona’ and would like to access their natural quieter qualities,
  • Feel quietly disempowered because of their personality, upbringing, cultural conditioning or being in the minority in a group, or
  • Have noticed that they get in their own way of being their best.

Watch this short video of what past participants had to say about the program

QP 1-1 Coaching Program: 3-6 Months 

The 1-1 coaching program is the most tailored to individual needs, using the Facet 5 profiling tool to gain a deeper understanding of their innate qualities, then working on specific goals that the coachee wants to achieve. 

The program is flexible, with mutually agreed schedules to work around other commitments. It is also tailored to address specific work challenges (eg. a critical meeting to prepare for). The 1-1 coaching program can be offered as a mix of face to face and virtual for Melbourne and Sydney participants and virtually for participants outside these cities.

Flyer is available here. Contact [email protected] to get started.

Virtual Group Coaching: 14 Weeks

The 14-week program is delivered through live virtual group coaching sessions, self-paced learning materials such as videos and worksheets and incorporates the Facet 5 profiling tool. Designed to fit around busy schedules, the program takes about 30-90 minutes per week of their time. The program is available to participants globally, though spots are limited to a maximum of 10. You can read more information on the flyer here.

Contact [email protected] to express your interest and hold a spot.

Quietly Powerful Online Program: Self-Paced

The Online Program is a self-paced program which is supported by 6 x live monthly virtual Q&A/coaching sessions. What you get in this program is more than just a set of videos!

  • 12 core lessons, 40 videos and worksheets
  • 30+ extra video resources, including the Quietly Powerful Leader interviews
  • 6 x Monthly Live Virtual Q&A/Coaching Sessions with Megumi
  • Links to QP LinkedIn Group and other relevant resources
  • Practical advice and tips from 30+ Quietly Powerful Leaders, Megumi’s 16+ years of personal leadership development
  • Deep inner exploration, going beyond techniques to unlock your best self
  • Accountability scorecard to keep track of actions and progress

For more information or to join, please view the QP online program page. Flyer is available here.

Short Courses

The Ultimate “Speak Up” Secrets (AU$197)

A self-paced online program that explores the seven strategies to help you speak up and be heard with 9 videos covering topics such as:

  • The mental barriers that keep you from speaking up at work, especially if you have a quiet nature.
  • The underrated yet effective strategy to let people know you have something to say.
  • Better ways to contribute in meetings, so you get used to sharing your ideas.
  • The 5 tips on how to be more intentional…especially if you are not sure if people will hear you.
  • The one skill you need to make the other six work for you…so you become an authentic and intentional communicator in your workplace.

For more info or to join, please view The Ultimate “Speak Up” Secrets page here.