Megumi challenges our unconscious beliefs about what good leadership looks, sounds and feels like

“Unlock the music you were born to play”

Megumi is an author, speaker and consultant in leadership and culture, with a background in strategy, economics and finance. She brings together her 20 years’ consulting experience and practical knowledge of leadership, organisational development, culture change, business strategy with personal experience, coaching others and first hand research. 

In the uncertain, changing, global and inter-connected world, Megumi believes that the ‘alpha’ or ‘hero’ leadership style alone is outdated and inadequate. Quietly Powerful expands the definition of what good leadership looks, sounds and feels like and empowers quieter professionals and those outside majority groups to fulfil their leadership potential.

Through her book Quietly Powerful: How Your Quiet Nature is Your Leadership Strength”, keynote presentations, 1:1 and group coaching programs, Megumi has reached thousands of people globally and helped individuals to see their own leadership potential, lead authentically and have impact. The ideas have resonated with many (not just introverts) wanting to develop a calm, inner confidence to make the unique contribution they were born to make.

Organisations have benefitted from developing leaders who lead authentically with greater self awareness, appreciation and ability to adapt. These future Quietly Powerful leaders will add enormous value to organisations through their understated, humble, empowering and inclusive leadership approach.

Megumi’s first book Start inspiring, stop driving: Unlock your team’s potential to outperform and grow invites leaders to get the best out of their teams by working with their team members’ unique drivers and mindsets so they are inspired, rather than driven to perform. See more of Megumi’s leadership and organisational culture work HERE.

Research and background

Quietly Powerful builds on various work on introversion and quiet leadership by authors such as Susan Cain’s Quiet, Laurie Helgoe’s Introvert Power and David Rock’s Quiet Leadership, Megumi’s own research into Quietly Powerful Leadership, as well as theories on self-efficacy, power, and rank, personality traits, developmental models from process-oriented psychology.

In addition, Megumi undertook 30+ interviews with successful Quietly Powerful Leaders who have used their quiet nature as their leadership strengths. Insights from these interviews appear in the book as well as her presentations and programs. These interviews are available in the Quietly Powerful LinkedIn Group site and short clips can be seen in the Resources section.

One of the myths that Megumi also aims to bust is the belief that quiet = introversion. People can be quiet for many other reasons, as she discovered through her coaching programs. Many women and culturally diverse people are attracted to Quietly Powerful, for example, even when they are extroverted socially. She highlights the complex nature of being quietly disempowered and how people can find their authentic voice.

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