Learn to utilise your quiet nature as a source of difference and strength, and develop new skills that enable you to thrive in your career, without feeling ‘fake’.

Quiet professionals have immense value to contribute to organisations. And yet, they often feel unheard, overlooked and disempowered.

A survey completed by 230 quiet professionals indicated that:

  • 86% sometimes or often feel they have to be extroverted to progress in their careers.
  • 93% often or sometimes feel like people underestimate what they are capable of.

The Quietly Powerful programs seek to change this, by empowering quieter professionals and those outside majority groups, to fulfill their potential.

Participants of the Quietly Powerful programs learn to succeed because of their quieter qualities, not in spite of them. They expand their skill set to influence, contribute and lead beyond what they have previously thought themselves capable of.

Our program participants have successfully moved to jobs they wanted, earned promotions, and become much more confident in leading and contributing to their teams.

Quietly Powerful 1-1 Coaching Program

Develop personalised strategies to succeed on your own terms as a quieter professional, by tuning into your hidden leadership strengths and overcoming barriers to achieving your leadership goals, in a way that feels authentic to you.

The 1:1 coaching program is ideal for participants seeking full flexibility and personalisation. It is tailored to address your specific work challenges, delivered over 7 virtual or face-to-face sessions over a period of 3-6 months.

Quietly Powerful Program

Learn strategies to build your authentic and confident presence, enhance your influence and have your unique talents recognised. Address internal and external barriers to your success with practical strategies that are specifically designed for quieter professionals.

Utilising videos, practical worksheets and other online resources, you will learn practical strategies that you can apply within your workplace, at a time and pace that suits you. Learning is supported by 6 x monthly virtual group coaching sessions where you can ask questions and discuss how to apply these strategies to your workplace.

The Quietly Powerful Programs will be helpful to you if:

  • You are an aspiring leader, or already a leader, with a quieter nature.
  • You want to contribute more, have greater impact, or learn to lead in a way that feels authentic.
  • You feel that you are being held back or overlooked compared to your ‘louder’ peers.
  • Efforts to be more outspoken or directive leave you feel exhausting and ‘fake’
  • You feel disempowered because of your personality, upbringing, cultural conditioning or because you are in a minority group.
  • You wonder if your own negative or limiting thoughts are impacting on your ability to succeed.

Flip Self-Promotion Mini Course

The mini-course will guide you to develop your own Personal Visibility Plan within 3 weeks where you’ll have concrete actions as well as skills and mindsets to experiment with so that you can become known by the right people without being loud or boasting.

You’ll learn:

  • What gets in the way for you in regards to self-promotion
  • Three strategies to flip self-promotion on its head so you think, feel and act differently to become visible.
  • Get clear on the practical actions to take and what to experiment with so you uncover your own way of getting known.

There are five lessons, each with actions that support you to develop your Personal Visibility Plan, as well as an extra Q&A video answering specific questions and concerns.

Introducing Your Quietly Powerful Coach, Megumi

I’m Megumi Miki. I am an author, speaker and consultant on leadership and culture. For many years I felt held back by my quieter nature as well as feeling like an outsider as a Japanese Australian woman in the Australian workplace. It took time for me to fully appreciate, and utilise, my own quietly powerful way of contributing.

I have learned solid strategies and techniques that allow me to lead effectively while remaining true to my authentic self. I have also been privileged to meet many successful, quietly powerful leaders, whose quieter nature has proved a source of differentiation and strength in their leadership.

My wish with the Quietly Powerful Program is that more professionals learn to see and value this quiet power within them.

Reviews of Our Quietly Powerful Programs

The program has made a significant difference to me. I learned how to use my quiet strengths at work. I feel more comfortable and confident in unfamiliar environments. I learned how to practice and manage my inner voice and remain calm. I can’t speak highly enough of this course!!  

Business Analyst

It was quite a revelation to say you can be a quiet leader and be effective and influential. It made me feel more confident and self-assured in different situations. Particularly in high pressure meetings, where there are senior, incredibly capable, confident people, it has helped me to silence those inner voices. Rather than focus on doubting myself, I now watch people’s reactions and focus on how to best influence this group or this person based on what I know and my purpose.

Senior Communications Manager

You could be quiet, you can be yourself and still be powerful. I learned a lot about myself and self-respect. It gave me confidence to move forward.

Global Partnerships Advisor