Quietly Powerful

Why Quietly Powerful?

Too many talented quieter professionals are overlooked or exhausted from pretending to be outspoken. Quietly powerful qualities are incredible leadership strengths and very much needed in the world yet under-valued.

The Quietly Powerful movement has two main goals:

1. To help quieter professionals to succeed on their own terms

2. To redefine what good leadership looks, sounds and feels like so that we have more quietly powerful leaders in organisations and in the world


If you have felt that your quiet nature is a disadvantage in your career, you’re not alone! Perhaps you feel overlooked or like you have to fake it till you make it. Quietly Powerful leaders exist and you, too, can use your quiet nature as your leadership strength.


How much talent is your organisation wasting? Did you know that some of your reluctant leaders are your best leaders? Challenge your assumptions about how you identify, develop and promote talent so you improve the quality and diversity in leadership.

Megumi helps individuals and organisations to thrive by tapping into their uniqueness

“Most people die with their music locked up inside them.” Benjamin Disraeli

Megumi is an author, speaker and consultant in leadership and culture, with a background in strategy, economics and finance. As a quiet achiever, Megumi found it challenging to be recognised and lead effectively while feeling authentic. Through 20 years of personal development, researching Quietly Powerful leaders and coaching others, she found a way to use her quiet nature as her unique strength…

Quietly Powerful Book

Challenge your assumptions about quietness and learn:

  • how your quiet nature is your leadership strength
  • how organisations and leaders can stop wasting their hidden talent
  • how no-so-quiet professionals can adopt quieter approaches to enhance their leadership and wellbeing