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8 Quiet advantages that most of us tend to…

Quiet still gets a bad rap. I have never heard anyone say “Oh, she’s a bit quiet” with a positive tone. I hear about quiet achievers being great contributors who get overlooked or ‘used’ for their ability to deliver, rather than recognised as they should. It is only when prompted that people start to think about those quieter people who add a lot of value.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Reluctant leaders may be your best leaders

Having interviewed 26 quietly powerful leaders and reflected on what they told me, what struck me was that some were reluctant leaders.

They never thought of themselves as leaders initially. Someone – a mentor, a manager, a senior leader – saw something in them, encouraged and gave them opportunities to step into leadership.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Quietly Powerful Leaders – who are they and why…

Since starting the Quietly Powerful movement just over 2 years ago I have had the pleasure of interviewing 24 Quietly Powerful leaders so far, to understand what makes them quietly powerful and how their natural tendencies have been their leadership strengths (join the Quietly Powerful LinkedIn Group to access the recorded interviews). A few patterns started emerging, which I have been sharing more of in my talks.

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Stop faking till you make it!

Because it will burn you out. I’ve been there. I have heard from many people who have been there.

Quietly Powerful Women has now reached over 400 women and it seems that the ‘exhaustion from faking’ is one of the biggest challenges. Many of these women are successful. And many feel exhausted and don’t feel they appreciate and leverage their natural qualities enough.

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